Earl Teague and Company



Q: I cannot make up my mind concerning paint colors and finish textures. Can you help?
A: Our specialty is application. We are not interior decorators. We can, however, give you direction and more importantly, we can recommend an interior decorator to help you with your decisions. It is important the finishes selected be considered as a piece of the entire puzzle, i.e., furniture, window treatments, natural lighting, etc.

Q: Who will be working in my home or business?
A: We have a long standing and trusting relationship with all our staff, associates and contractors. We will not put someone working in your home that we would not place in our own home.

Q: How do you prefer access to our home or business?
A: Our easy access is an essential element to the speedy completion of your project, however, your comfort zone is first and formost our concern. We prefer a key or garage door opener, but your preference will dictate our access capability. If you prefer, we are happy to call you at work to let you know our entrance and exit schedule on any given work day. Our typical work day is 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Q: Can I get a builders discount if I buy products through your company?
A: There are a few outlets we can buy products and get a better deal than the average consumer. Most products and fixtures are purchased at the same price as the builder when the vendor understands there is an established project relationship between builder and customer. We will work to help you get the best deal possible.

Q: What about the dust factor in our home or business during the remodeling process?
A: All remodeling will generate dust. We will protect furnishings and existing finishes as much as possible, but expect some dust. We recommend you plan for a final and thorough cleaning after the project is complete.

Q: Can you give me design and practical ideas for my project?
A: Yes, but start with magazine articles, photos or advertisements of suggestions and general feel of the end result.

Q: Where do I go to select finishes and products?
A: We will give you a schedule of selections and recommended local outlets and vendors.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: Depending on the start up costs, generally we require 25% to 35% down payment on start up, progress draws as requested and balance on completion and before occupation. We take checks and cash.

Q: Remodeling is such a mess. What can you do?
A: We clean up at the end of every work day. We prefer a clean job site.

Q: What do you need from us on a daily basis?
A: We need access to a restroom for our employees and we need to be able to come and go as needed. Also, your daily input is important to us.

Q: What about pets?
A: Your pet is precious to us. We recognize the importance of keeping your pet safe and happy. Your direction is needed to help us accomplish pet security.

Q: We have a holiday deadline. Company is coming in from out of town. Will you be finished in time?
A: We suggest you plan far enough in advance so holiday deadlines do not come into play.

Q: What about extras?
A: We do not want extras any more than you. Extra‘s cause problems and have a tendency to slow momentum of production. Let‘s work together and plan in advance to try and cover all the scope of work at the start of the project.

Q: Is speed of the project important to you?
A:Yes, but not as important as the quality of work.